International Wines & Spirit Competition letters of acknowledgement.

March, 2010
Stuart Gilbert has certainly proved his expertise in the rum department more than once. His former company Inner Circle Rum, came from nowhere when he launched in 2002 and hit the headlines.
'Holey Dollar ' catapulted to take the lead the first time the products were entered in the IWSC in 2009, the company first launching in 2008!
Some tasting notes from the panel: impressive;aromatic, a wonderful twist;power packed finish - describes the Rum.
Frances Horder
Competition Director
The International Wine and Spirit Competition Limited
Surrey, LONDON
March, 2010

Holey Dollar, the new Australian owned Rum blew away the competition during the 40th year of tasting at the International wine & Spirit Competition in 2009.

Despite being the first year it was judged ; all three rums won the highly sought after and infrequently awarded Gold – Best in Class for the Holey Dollar Cask Strength Pot Still Rum, Holey Dollar Silver and Holey Dollar Rum Gold.

Having gained such high marks, the Holey Dollar Rum Gold continued to smash all boundaries and beat respected Caribbean and West Indian rums to take the overall Rum Trophy in a unanimous panel vote.

The IWSC is the premier wine and spirit competition in the world with strigeny tasting and laboratory analysis for all Gold and Silver Best in Class medal winning products. All judges are respected qualified experts and must undergo a thorough selection process in order to become a official adjudicator.

Mrs Bev Steer
Competition Manager
The International Wine & Spirit Competition Limited
Surrey, LONDON
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